Trade-in Program

get 30% off on your brand new machine when you 
trade-in your old one
*regardless of brand and condition the machine is in

*must be commercial for commercial, home for home, grinder for grinder, and so on

Spare parts for espresso machines and grinders

For the brands we carry but we sell to others that insist on buying in case some parts are common and can be used for other brands.

Indulge in Unforgettable Moments with Decouverte's Coffee Cart Catering

Experience the artistry of event catering with Decouverte. Our coffee cart catering services bring a unique blend of flavor, style, and warmth to every occasion, ensuring an unparalleled sensory journey for your guests.

Coffee Menu

Espresso  (hot)
A single shot of coffee
Spanish Latte*  (hot or over ice)
A single shot of espresso with steamed milk and condensed milk
Freshly Brewed  (hot)
A long coffee
Sea Salt Latte*  (over ice)
A single shot of espresso mixed with sea salt and cold foam
Americano  (hot or over ice)
A freshly pulled espresso poured over water
Dirty Caramel Latte*  (over ice)
A single shot of espresso mixed with caramel, cinnamon, and cold foam
Latte  (hot or over ice)
A single shot of espresso with steamed milk
Cafe Mocha*  (hot or over ice)
A single shot of espresso mixed with chocolate and steamed milk
Cappuccino  (hot)
A single shot of espresso with steamed milk, milk foam, and dusted with chocolate powder
Caramel Latte*  (hot or over ice)
A single shot of espresso mixed with caramel and steamed milk
Basic Package Inclusions
- Espresso, freshly brewed, americano, latte, cappuccino
- Available in both hot and over ice
- Coffee beans to be used
- Milk and ice
- Take away cups with lids
- Espresso machine, grinder, barista
- Coffee cart (if necessary)
Upgraded Package Inclusions
- Basic package drinks plus choose up to two (2) coffee concoctions*
- Available in both hot and over ice
- Coffee beans to be used
- Milk and ice
- Take away cups with lids
- Espresso machine, grinder, barista
- Coffee cart (if necessary)


Basic Package
8oz for hot drinks and 16oz for cold drinks
100 Cups
200 Cups
300 Cups
Upgraded Package
8oz for hot drinks and 16oz for cold drinks
100 Cups
200 Cups
300 Cups
Fees on top of service packages
Metro Manila
If you need more for your events, or for special requests, feel free to reach out to our team.

Coffee Catering Services for Your Events

Whether it's a corporate affair, wedding celebration, or special event, let Decouverte elevate your experience with our exceptional coffee cart services. Speak to our team today and discover how we can add a touch of caffeinated magic to your next gathering.
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What our 
Clients Say 
About Us

“Decouverte has been our coffee machine partner for nearly two decades now and has consistently delivered reliable and affordable machines. The equipment, classified as decent class, has proven durable and user-friendly. While occasional technical issues may arise, the quick response along with informative support of their technicians ensures minimal operational disruptions. Moreover, their commitment to not only resolving technical concerns but also providing comprehensive coffee training reflects their dedication to our success”

Cinnabon Philippines

Hand Hand Coffee is grateful for the support from Decouverte since day one -- from picking the right machine, setting up, training, to continous maintenance and support. Their top-quality machines and exceptional service have been essential in our success. Whenever we need help troubleshooting, the team is always one call away. We're excited to keep growing and making quality coffee with Decouverte!

Hand Hand Coffee

Decouverte Corp. has been one of the best suppliers that we work with at Charlie's El Nido. It is important for us that our guests have the best coffee experience in our restaurant especially during breakfast at Charlie's and our other outlets. And Decouverte definitely helps us deliver with that in mind! We also love that we can depend on them on receiving freshly roasted coffee beans all year round and they have the best after sales service on our coffee equipment if needed. Thanks again Decouverte!

Charlie's El Nido Hotel

Putting up a restaurant is no easy feat. Decouverte was one of the suppliers that made it so manageable for us. Some suppliers will only be responsive when you're about to buy their product, then they'll be hard to deal with after sales service. But with Decouverte, they were very accommodating from the day I inquired until today (it's been a year). With the espresso machine we purchased, it came with free maintenance / check-ups and even coffee training for our beginner baristas, which other suppliers / brands do not include or offer. We are very grateful to Jay, who was always willing to assist us anytime we needed his help. Decouverte is also a one-stop shop for all your needs: packaging, syrups, beans and tools! Takes away a lot of stress in running a restaurant / cafe.

Burnt Bean

What sets Decouverte apart is not just the quality of their products, but the genuine care, interest and passion. Your willingness to share insights, answer our countless questions, and offer continous support, especially during our early days, made a significant impact on our growth. Thank you Decouverte, for being more than just a supplier. Our relationship is a true partnership built on trust, share values, and a mutual love for great coffee. You have been a crucial partner in our journey, and we are truly grateful for the positive impact you've had on our coffee shop.

The Usual Coffee

Great user friendly coffee machine at a very reasonable price. What's even better is the service that Decouverte provides their customers! 5 stars!


I started out as a customer of Decouverte when I would regularly get beans and ready made coffee from them. I have since then invested in a Gaggia machine for my home and it was the best decision I made when it comes to coffee. One thing I really appreciate with them is their after sales service. They really help accommodate my questions or concerns about my machine and its calibration.



We offer the following: Espresso Machines (ranging from commercial to home or office use), Coffee Grinders (for cafes, restaurants, hotels, groceries, and roasteries), Barista Tools, Spare Parts, Sauces and Syrups, Coffee Beans, Wholesale supply of Coffee Beans. Please visit our products pages to learn more!
We offer the following: Barista 101, machine - grinder - and coffee calibration, on-call technical service, installation of machines, training for daily use and maintenance of the machines, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, basic espresso recipe creation, trade-in program, and more! please visit the services page to learn more about what else we offer and how else we can help you.
Yes, please contact us if you are interested to learn more about becoming one of our partners for re-distribution of our products.
We cater to the whole Philippines but are headquarted in Metro Manila with a branch in Metro Cebu. Contact us so we can further discuss together about the necessary fees and logistics for servicing in your area if you are outside of Metro Manila or Metro Cebu.

For the Professional or Enthusiast

Excellent machines, world-class technical
 support, all-around coffee solutions.
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Copyright 2023 Decouverte Corporation | Website by Soda85 Digital
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