About Us


Since 1999 we work hard to make sure our clients are provided with solutions to their coffee requirements. We recommend the ideal machine, configure, install, calibrate, and provide training to ensure that your coffee demands are met. With a dedication to excellence in espresso, a perfect cup of coffee can be produced each time with our machines and technical support. Excellent machines, guaranteed technical support, all-around coffee solutions. 

For the supply of coffee beans, Decouverte has its own various espresso blends to supply you with the appropriate balance of beans to meet your needs.


We offer espresso machines, coffee grinders, percolators, coffee beans, and barista tools for brewing, cleaning and maintaining your machines. Our wide range of espresso machines can fulfill the requirements of those that would like to offer coffee and other espresso beverages regardless of their sector. From smaller machines for homes and offices, to larger commercial establishments like restaurants and cafes, all sizes of machines are available to cater to the enthusiast or professional. Lasting impressions made with the right tools.


Technical Support 

Our technical team helps guarantee the quality of operation of your machines so that you can produce a perfect cup of coffee each time. With our Preventive Maintenance Program and spare parts readily available in our warehouse, repairs and other technical issues are attended to right away.

Guaranteed support, maintained machines, consistent coffee.